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VICE "BABY KITTY" BURBANK Aug 2008 - Summer 2009

We only had Vice for a year, but in that year he was the best little friend
that a 1 year old boy could have.  Every morning Vice would climb into
my son Tyver's bed for snuggle time with Tyver when Tyver woke up. 
Vice would lay there while Tyver pulled his ears and mauled him. Tyver
would carry Baby Kitty everywhere he went.  Tyver loved "Baby Kitty".
Vice was very adventurous and loved to go outside, until one night Vice
didn't come home.  Baby Kitty we all love you very much,. and Tyver
misses you and loves you!  Our house hasn't been the same since you left.
Oct 2004 - August 2008
Rocko was hand-raised and bottle fed as
a newborn, his mother disappeared shortly
after her litter was born. 
I adopted Rocko when he was 6 weeks
old, he was such a loving, cuddly, sweet
kitten and cat.  He moved with me from
CA to UT with his orange-tabby
brother, Irish.  Rocko was always so much
more adventurous. 
We all, especially Irish, miss Rocko so much!
Winston was only with us for
a short time, but
he was very loved. We miss him
sleeping with us
every night. He has touched our
hearts and was the
sweetest little kitten we could
have ever asked for. 
FLOPPY The Turkey -
Floppy's legs never formed correctly,
she couldn't walk, she rather flopped
around, but we still loved her. 
Her best friend and protector
was Waylen The Turkey.
Waylen and Floppy were together until
Floppy pasted on.  In Heaven, Floppy
can run with all the other turkeys.
"Peanut" Wellhoff
My little pomeranian "Peanut" passed away on Valentine's Day this year.  It
was very heart breaking even though we knew the end was near.  He was
15 years old, but still my baby.  He loved nothing more than to be loved and
loved to tell secrets.  In his last days he loved to hang out under his favorite
tree in the backyard and bathe in the sun.  He had a favorite hoodie that he
wore all the time.  He hated when I would take it off to wash it, so he was
put to rest in it.  When the time did come I did not know what to do, but
I remembered and ad I saw a few weeks prior.  Even
though it was Sunday, Angel at Forever Friends answered and took care of
Peanut that day.  She was so friendly and professional, she helped me feel
good with my decision.  Thank you for all you have done Angel.

Thanks again

Jake was my baby, the love of my life.  Born Oct 16, 2001 - Died March 3, 2010  A beautiful dog with such personality!!
The kind of dog you could take anywhere with out a leash!  He always stayed with his Mama, I always felt safe, loved
and comforted with my Jake!  My Good Ol' Boy is deeply missed by friends and family! 
Thank You for taking Such Good Care of my Baby!  With Love, Melinda Lettice & Family

From "MAGGIE" DECKER's parents...
Hi Angel & Company,
I picked up my dog Maggie's remains from Dr. Cathy today. 

You did a marvelous job with the speed and quality you showed
for my great little dog.  I would also like to compliment you for the honor
you gave my pet and the concern for our feelings at this most difficult time. 
I had Maggie for 14 of her 16 years and she was a treasure to

me all that time.  She was friendly, faithful, and great fun. 
I will miss her, but I know she is in a better place.  I have
enclosed a picture of us in better times - in fact, just after
we moved to Utah.
Thank you once again,
Earl & Connie Decker

"BUCKY" Wellhoff
Once again we had to call in Forever Friends to assist in our
loss.  Our little bully passed away due to issues related to
gastrointestinal problems. It is very sad to say goodbye to such
a little guy. The toys he played with are now sitting in the corner
untouched next to his bed. His corky little way he ran to
someone to play will never be forgot. Even though his life was
short he touched our hearts. Such a well behaved and
fun loving little guy. You will be missed Bucky.....
Thanks again Angel,, You are the best.....
It is with a huge hole in our hearts that we write you.  Our last baby girl went to play and wait our arrival this evening.  I am hoping she finds the snow drifts she so desperately missed here in St George.  A great big belly flop into a snow drift was her favorite activity.  Next would be waiting for that squirrel to make a false move. 
My husband and I appreciate your timely, courteous service during this difficult time.
Thank you and Bless you,
Jane's Mom and Dad

"Sweetie" Landreth-Burke
I just wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful way in which you dealt with my kitty Sweetie.  I had her for 20 years and although it was obvious the end was near for her - it was very sad for us.  When my husband brought the bag you prepared home - I burst into tears.  I read all of the wonderful poems you enclosed and we had a good cry. :) 
Thank you again for what you do.
Julie Landreth & John Burke
Cedar City

email me
Hi Angel, I picked up my sweet
Dixie Belle's ashes on Tuesday
morning.  In the picture she is
the Bassett Hound with her
front paws on the dash of the
Polaris.  The picture was taken
just 2 days before she passed.
She loved riding in the Ranger
with us.  Always so daring
ready to jump out if we passed
barking dogs.  We are so glad
she is back home with us but
we believe her spirit is in
heaven taking other dogs on
long hikes everyday just like
we always did.  Thanks for the
care you provided our
Dixie Belle.
Mike, Dot Gray and Katie Rose

                                                        Willow Stephenson
                                                          (Willow & Karen)
Willow was found as a
puppy in a Utah wilderness
are and lived with us until 16. 
He slept on our bed
every night until cancer got him.

       Jasmine out black lab at 12 years old.....
Lucky Stephenson
A favorite photo of Lucky when barely an adult.  His eyes were so beautiful and overall he matched the artificial leaves and baker's rack he sat on.  When we were away he would lay there as it was next to the door.
Lucky Stephenson
Karen & Lucky.  Lucky was a feral kitten and with his dad Linus lived under our shed.  Karen took care of them and when we moved we trapped them.  They became very good house pets after living in our garage.

Tid Bit and her sister, Little Bit, were born
under my daughter's house to a stray mom.
We rescued them both 8 1/2 years ago. Tid bit
is on the left with the half mustache, green
eyes. She has always been a pack rat, taking
little things and hiding them. She was always
very playful and very social when people
came to visit! She loved her treats and made
sure we knew when it was treat time! I think
her name should have been Sassy!  She made
sure her place in bed was right between us up
by the pillows. Whenever we played cards she
would come up to the table and steal the
rubber bands and play with them. Then we
found that she was eating them so kept them
away from her. She became one of our
'children' after we had an empty nest and will
be greatly missed by us and her sister. We are
very grateful to Washington Family Vet Clinic
who took compassionate care of her when she
became sick and for you for your loving care
after her demise. Thank you all so much!

Bubba Campuzano 5-1-1997 - 6-29-2010

We got our "Bubba"  a red heeler, when he was 5 weeks old at the Cedar Livestock Auction.  There was a litter there that they were giving away FREE.  He had been chosen but brought back because they didn't want a male dog.We took him and he was the best, smartest, happy, loving dog.  He was with us 13 years and 2 months. He didn't live the life of a cattle dog.  He had a life of making us happy and watching over us. No one came on the porch with out our Bubba letting us know, he had a powerful bark, it was never tested to see if he'd let you in.
We sure do miss our buddy "Bubba", that name just fit him. Bubba those people who brought you back sure missed out on a wonderful, loyal dog.

Angel: Thank you very much for the special service you have provided for my daughter, Makenzie. Making that difficult decision and taking him in was the hardest thing I have ever done - he was the man of our home for 15 years. My daughter chose to have her "Buddy" cremated and after seeing the remarkable and touching way you preserved his memory for her, I recommend it to anyone. The paw print and poems were so personal and touching. He is missed every day and we are very thankful to have such treasures to represent his place in our home. We know his spirit lives on and we cherish his place in our lives. Thank you, again, for your heartfelt service. Deena Marchal
Rex Tone Ashment

Born June 14, 2000, Rex was the runt of the litter. He was 6 weeks when he came into our family and has always been loving. He was a beagle, barking, sniffing and all around playful. He loved treats too, especially snauages and milk bones. He was never mean to the kids and he learned very well. He was always mellow and slept most of the time, but he was a great dog; one that is truly special and kind to others. When he was diagnosed with cushings disease and cancer, it tore me and the family apart. He was our man! Throughout the course of this sickness, he gained weight and then lost it the last couple of months. The day before we put him down, his foot doubled in size. It was cancer. My family and I watched as they put him to sleep. My daughter and I held on to him for his last breath and we didn't know it was going to be this hard. We all didn't want to leave him, but he is in a better place now, playing with his cousin Roughus. Thank you so much for what you have done! He'll always be with us no matter where we go, but he'll remain in our hearts forever. We hope to meet him soon and be together forever. 



Tuff was named after a World Champion Bull Rider Tuff Hedeman
and his name was very fitting to his personality. 
He was the BEST dog and friend that anyone could ever ask for. 
I feel Tuff was my winning lottery ticket, and God truly blessed me by bringing him into my life .
He brought so much joy and happiness to my son and I, and we were with him until the end. 
We are absolutely devastated that he is gone. 
I know that he is in a better place, and until we are together again
Tuff…just know that we love you and miss you very much. 
Tuff will Always be in my heart, mind, body, and soul. 

Tuff Houghton

August 20, 1999 to December 11, 2010. 


She came to us as an unwanted puppy in 1997.
Always quiet, but always very active, alert and
sensitive to people's needs. She lived to chase
a frisbee, swim when ever she could, and run,
run, run everywhere! We appreciate the
thoughtful nature in the way you do business
and the way you delivered her to our home. We
transferred her ashes to a cool glass jar
where she will sit on a shelf next to those
that came before her.
- C.Stevenson

                                                          Brie Stevenson

                                              TIGER TIROTTA

Thank you for taking such good care of my beloved Tiger.
He was my best friend and soul mate. I am very pleased
with your services. I will recommend you to friends and family.
I work at Best Friends and had friends tell me about you.
God bless you in your work. Take Care....Lisa Tirotta

In loving memory of Tiger 3/1994 -12/12/2010

Thank you again for taking such good care of my boy.  Tiger is at home with me once again. I have all of his favorate toys next to him and some of his pictures.  I talk to him everyday. He gave me love and joy for sixteen wonderful years. I love him and miss him so much.

Take care,    Lisa Tirotta

Sunshine Dottie

Angel, Thank you for taking such good care of our little girl.
She's at home with us now, safe in her urn, nestled in her water bowl.
Your care, your understanding, your presence has been a real comfort to both Brenda and myself.
As the caretaker in a nearby pet cemetery here in Kanab I had
occasion to see your work and was able to highly recommend your services to anyone who asked.
Now I have first-hand experience.
The respect you afforded our little girl surely shines through in everything you do.
Thank you. Uncle Lenny

KOBE Sorensen

Angel, I just got home yesterday and my
roommate said that you had delivered
Kobe's ashes. Although it brought another
wave of emotion, I was very pleased with
what you had done. The urn is very nice and
I really appreciate the card with his paw
print as well as the lock of hair. And although

I have not been able to bring myself to read the poems
included just yet, it is very comforting to know that you
provided more than just a service for my Kobe. It is very
hard to lose such a special friend, but it helps to know
that there is compassion from others. Thanks again for
your great service. Just a quick background on Kobe. I
came across Kobe about 9 years ago as he was wandering
around looking for food and shelter. I set out on a search
to find his owners, thinking that such a special dog had
     to be lost. When my search failed, I decided to go ahead
and adopt him as my own. That decision gave me 9 years
     of the most unconditional, non-judgemental love from a great friend that I will never forget. His favorite activity was going to Navajo Lake to play fetch. As most Labs do, he absolutely loved being
in the water, especially if there was a tennis
ball involved. He was a very influential dog,
impacting almost everyone that came into
contact with him. Kids flocked to him and
adults instantly picked up on his playful and
loving nature. Kobe, my best friend, will truly
be missed forever but will never be forgotten.
Respectfully, Shane Sorensen

Toby Gutierrez

Nothing could have been harder then saying good bye to my girls
bestfriend. He has been in our lives for since 2000 he was almost 2
when we got him. Toby slept on my girls bed every night. He barked
for no reason (we thought) sometimes. In 2008 Toby was struck by a
duelly truck that he'd been chasing. He was fixed up as much as they
could but had a hair line fracture in his hip they could do nothing for.
He seemed to heal up, but then some tumors appeared on his
abdomen. His run became a walk, his walk became a wobble... then
he couldn't walk at all. He could no longer climb the stairs to sleep
on my girls bed. It broke their hearts, they missed his warmth. My
husband had lost his job that Feb. I worked for the hospital, but didn't
make much. We called around to find out how much it would cost us to have Toby put to sleep and cremated. We couldn't let him suffer any longer. But I didn't have the money. So my sister told my girls to make a lemonade stand and she baked cookies and bagged them up. The Girls made signs " Help Us Help Toby" but only one person stopped, his name was Rob. he told the girls he couldn't have sugar but gave them 3 dollars. The girls Alexis, Lelani, Mykala and their cousin Annalee were so proud. But it wasn't enough. No one else stopped for the girls. But there is a God and a gracious one I might add. Rob had come back along with his wife. They told us that they understood how it is to have a beloved pet that is suffering and not be able to afford to help them. So they said they were going to pay for the whole thing. We were just in awe that they came to Toby's rescue. They called Zion Vet Clinic here in Hurricane and made an appointment that afternoon. They also called Forever Friends PC to have him brought back home to his loving family. We received him back about a week later. The packaging was so beautiful, the poems were perfect and made it a little easier on us. His paw print... Speachless. I cant Thank You all enough. My family gets to have him Forever as our Friend, Thanks to your wonderful services.

Thank You All,
The Gutierrez Family

P.S. Im not to great a writing letters,
    I bawled through this one. I just
    want to say we love and miss him.

I dont even know what to say but that im so grateful to have him here with us, thanks to you Forever FriendsPC. Toby passed almost a year to the day on March 12, 2010. It was one of the hardest days for our family, Im crying just typing you this message. Its an extraordinary story of how this all came to be... Thank You Eternally, The Gutierrez Family


Thank you, Angel, for your thoughtful treatment of my beloved cat, Evangeline. 
Once a stray, she visited every home in the neighborhood, and chose mine.
She enjoyed playing with her dog brother, Mischa, and then lay beside him and
comforted him in his last days. I can hardly bear to believe that she is gone,
but my sadness is lifted when I remember that she was my
special friend for thirteen lucky years.
We will meet again one day at the Rainbow Bridge

Sheila Bernstein

Kacie Oakes
09/10/96 - 05/04/11